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Why USe Clean-Search?

There is no service that even comes close to our effectiveness. We have been online since 1999. We are the most-established 'reputation'firm in existence. We don't even call it 'reputation' anymore, as the term is antiquated.

We stopped using the term before most of these other 'reputation' firms came into existence and started using it. Reason being, 'relevance management' is actually what is taking place... Google does not care about your 'reputation', they care about rendering what they deem as the most-relevant results.

Google has actually used our text-content almost verbatim in the writing of it's related "reputation" information. The dates of [both] publications (our site, and Google's information) confirm this timeline publication of virtually identical content. Google watches what we do. Our system is by far the most in-depth and responsive to Google's publicized 'solution' to controlling your online results

As for, they used to be reputationdefender, and you can see the complaints never end. There system does N.O.T.H.I.N.G. We have had hundreds of clients that previously used with aggravating results.

Check for volume rating, check Google for position attainment, as you already have discovered, we are the most prominent, this is a no-brain indication that we possess the associated abilities to affect the search results.

If you go with another company, you will be back, here anyway :o).

In The News

'In The News' is our segment on recent events related to reputation / relevance management.  Recent news reminds us again of the woes of social media.  We always caution our clientele when using social media...

2010 Clean Search      


There is no way to predict what potential pages or forums will display negative information.

There is no way to thwart any hypothetical contingency that may result in the information being proliferated, such as a neighbor, associate, classmate, or old friend posting it.

Acting sooner rather than later is your best defense.

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