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Online Employee Monitoring WIth HitDetective

Would you like to know what activity is associated to your name, child or business online?  HitDetective Monitoring does just that.

We will instantly notify you when your name appears in a new form on the internet, or when special activity has occurred with an existing instance of your name, and generally, who is searching your name, and in what context.

Imagine knowing instantly when a new occurrence of your child's name appears online.  You can immediately access the source to determine if it poses a potential threat.

The same is applicable  for your name and business, providing valuable insight that until now was unavailable.

CleanSearch Reputation Monitoring is a conjunction of proprietary web applications which allow us to monitor and aggressively protect your online reputation in a proactive way. 

Clean Search Monitoring will monitor the way people search for your name, including who is doing the searching, giving you peace of mind.

CleanSearch Monitoring extracts information like location, organization, city, IP, etc. giving you the best possible chance of determining the relevance of activity by sending you alerts via text or email message.

We'll let you know what's out there before it has a chance to proliferate, and we will stop it at the source if necessary.

Try CleanSearch Monitoring risk-free, with a full money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Business Names
Business Associates

Family Names (TEENS)
Persons of interest

Who's searching your name?  Clean Search Monitor allows you to see instantly when someone searches your name or business and reports vital information about who the search was executed by.  Reports are issued instantaneously.  Clean Search Monitor tells you:

Who's searching your name online
Source of the search
What keywords were used
What browser and operating system were used
The location of the entity & IP
The time of the search
→ What Websites the searcher recently visited

See negative content online before it has time to be indexed into Google, allowing time to terminate the source before it ever goes public. 

"The ability to monitor our business name to the degree of knowing what organizations are interested and executing searches is invaluable information which is also vital in proactively halting potentially damaging associations". 
-Mark Styles.

  2010 Clean Search