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Strategic Name Monitoring System

Our monitoring system works amazingly well at finding new instances of your name online, allowing you immediate response in real-time to thwart anything negative or slanderous. This is the same system that many companies utilize to monitor their employees.  The system i s FANTASTIC at monitoring employee behavior.  You WILL know what's going on with HitDetective by CleanSearch!  We will inform you of any instances of your target names when they appear online and in what context.

CleanSearch online name activity alert system goes beyond conventional monitoring platforms which are detrimental to your name-search as they simply implement an automated and frequent search of  your name 'auto-searching' (which is not recommended).  We have developed a proprietary system that will allow you to know what activates your employees are associated with, at work and outside of work, without influencing the results themselves. CleanSearch introduces HitDetective

1. HitDetective reveals what type of activity your employees are associated with.

2. HitDetective© tells you HOW your target names are being searched, when it is being searched, and who is searching.  Corporations, attorneys, politicians, Government officials, celebrities and more have been using HitDetective to gain unique strategic information.  Now HitDetective is available to you.

HitDetective by CleanSearch©

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CleanSearch offers a proprietary online name-activity alert system, completely customized and scalable..