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        Clean Search CleanRelevance


Clean Search Positive Presence Maintenance Program Develops a Plurality of Positive Relevance.

CleanRelevance™  by Clean Search is designed to help you maintain a preponderance of positive relevant associations.  This allows Google and other search engines' own algorithmic formulas to list relevant and positive results when rendering an associated search query.

CleanRelevance™ service is 'Online Association Maintenance'. Continuously monitoring your associations and maintaining positive relevant information that Google and other search engines deem most applicable to your name or business.

CleanRelevance™ provides content generation, online facilities and applications necessary to perpetuate a positive online presence.

Create Positive Search Results VIA Relevancy Association. The results that Google and other Search Engines Render are determined by relevancy.  We have the infrastructure to in effect 'broadcast' to the search engines, VIA their own algorithmic formula, what materials should be deemed more relevant to your name today.

Clean Search has been an industry leader in conventional SEO for a decade. You probably found our site VIA an organic search engine listing.

Creating dynamic, impressionable and productive SERP's (search engine results pages) is what we provide with CleanRelevance™.

Clean Search knows from personal client experience that maintaining a positive search environment is key to public perception. Positive search results are more than just a subliminal attribute! Although, the sub-conscious affect is powerful, people will knowingly reward those people and professionals who have the ability to control their search environment. 

CleanRelevance allows you to control the landscape of the results related to your name, business or practice, lending you a degree of cache and positive light reflected in associated Search Engine results. 

CleanRelevance™ comes with HitDetective™, informing you what entities are searching your name with positive or negative keywords. You will know (when applicable) what other sites they may have accessed. This information will give you special insight that you cannot gain anywhere else. 

This is a proprietary service, and has already saved or made our clientele untold sums. Ask yourself how much more profitable you would be with Clean Search CleanRelevance™ .

CleanRelevance™  starts at $199/ per month and is designed to provide you with immediate ROI.  Ask a Clean Search representative about CleanRelevance for your online business.

.   Includes HitDetective™ Monitoring system, as well as

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Association Relevancy

Clean-Search service is designed to broadcast to search engines like Google, that there is more relevant information associated with 'Your Name', so the engines will not list the unwarranted or negative information so high up.

Regardless of the significance or validity of your issue, the general public will perceive the listings rendered under your name-search as being associated with you.

You may decide that for your future, ( the rest of your life) you do not want these records or material following your name, which they have a tendency to do.

This being the case, you need to disassociate the negative, and associate your name with positive professional listings and data (or generic data).

This is what we do. Clean-Search service is designed to 'break' the negative association over time, and allow whatever content / material you want to be associated with, to proliferate to the most relevant positions (top).

It is helpful when building or maintaining a career not to have 'ugly' records associated with your name.