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Clean-Search Reputation Service Checklist

Clean-Search can reverse your negative online presence.

When choosing a firm to assist your online reputation, please execute due diligence and note these vital aspects, as there are very few legitimate name reputation firms on the world wide web; how to spot illegitimate firms:

Reputation Management Consumer Checklist:

1. Credit Cards Including American Express?
- Do they take them? (not via pay pal, but a real merchant account). Any person online can accept credit cards via third-party facilities like Pay-Pal or  2Checkout... The list grows longer, and now popular; "Accept Credit Cards Without A Credit Check".  These are for 'businesses' looking to accept credit cards for their 'services' from unsuspecting consumers but could not otherwise attain a legitimate merchant account via conventional methods.    Ask point-blank "Who processes your payments".  A reputable firm should maintain an account with a real bank and have a long history of clean sales.  CleanSearch, inc. is a Florida corporation in good standing, do not be afraid to ask and investigate a firms legal standing.

2. Identify Your Negative Listings?
- Do they have a complete list of every negative link associated with your project?  Clean Search staff works directly from your proposal which has full information about project details that we (the service provider) and you, the client can examine.  If a service won't take the time to quantify the project, they are not likely to execute a satisfactory performance.

3. Conventional Clientele?
-Do they have them?  'Name-Reputation' is an extension of marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  An entity purporting to possess resources necessary for project success would have a history in these industries and maintain a stable of conventional clientele.  We can refer you to many clients with high ranking search engine activity and marketing success, based on the same skills necessary for name reputation repair.  Our staff is organized by and derived from some of the most renown, experienced and 'original' search engine specialists ever to exist.

4. Safe-Search Proprietary Syntax?
-Do they even know what it is?  Do they know how important it is?  Ask them how they monitor a name without affecting the name... They cannot.  Only Clean-Search operates a Google API search facility with proprietary syntax scripting which ensures real monitoring of your name or business without affecting them in any negative way.  Only Clean-Search maintains an in-house IP trace facility with a world wide database of IP's in order to investigate and act without bringing more negative attention to the activity.

Clean-Search has a proven record of cleaning-up even the most severe instances of negative listings. more info

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If you are attempting to determine just what Reputation Defender service does, you are not alone.  It's been said that Reputation Defender's customer interface is just is ambiguous as their website, with plenty of clicking and filling of forms and fields to absorb your time. This is more of a catharsis than a solution.