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        Remove Arrest Records and Mugshots

Arrest Records Removed, Guaranteed!

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Public Records / Court Records / Criminal Records / removed from source and Google
Arrest Records / Expunged Records
Disciplinary Actions / Patient Complaints
Bankruptcy's / DUI's
Newspaper Articles / Online Media / Negative Reviews
Database Archives / BLOGS / Attack Sites

We remove arrest records.  Money Back Guarantee.

"'' told me my sons arrest record / mugshot could NOT be removed, and tried to sell me a package for $2,000 to bury them.  They even told me flat-out, that 'If [RemoveArrest by] Clean-Search told you it could be removed, they're lying".  Well, you did remove it!  And for 1/10 the price!  Thank you Clean-Search"
-Real sunmission from actual client

We remove it when others cannot.

  2010 Clean Search, Inc


Clean-Search helps associate what Google deems relevant to your name, thus altering the rendered listings.

We create positive results by broadcasting to the search engines what is more relevant to your name or business today.

What Google and other search engines render as results are determined by relevancy.  We have the skills, knowledge and infrastructure to facilitate a preponderance of positive relevancy in association with your name.  This is how Search Engine's naturally determine what results to display.

If you are attempting to determine just how to create positive search results, you are not alone.  Clean-Search can save you time and money as well as create energy, by managing your name relevancy.