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        CleanSearch Case Histories

Examples of removed, pulled, destroyed, deleted, or purged Internet content:

Mugshot Files, Arrest Records and other pages: over 16,500 and counting...

Clean-Search removes or suppresses unwanted associations with your name or business.  On occasion, we will have a page terminated or completely eliminated from the internet. Remove image from Google Image Search!

Documented: CleanSearch aids FBI in stalking case.  Evidence rendered VIA CleanSearch's 'HitDetective' Monitoring Service is used in court; outcome favorable to client. 

Documented: Federal courts use CleanSearch to remedy after-case activities.

Doctors, attorney's, financial industry, teachers, job-hunters, business owners, etc...  Clean Search has successfully assisted professionals from all professions and industries, regardless of the situation.

CleanSearch Busts Infamous Malware
Clean search investigators have successfully exposed and destroyed a catastrophic Malware virus that rendered millions of PC's unusable. 

The redirect point of the illegal operation was 'MissngPage' which is no longer in the Malware-redirecting business!

→ Pageviews per day: 524,111
→ Daily revenue from ads:
→ Host Name:
→ Host IP:
"" is (was) worth $2385,955 USD
Stats Provided By

History of 'MissngPage' Malware

Clean-Search has removed or terminated other pages or websites containing unwanted malicious or menacing content in the course of client cases, such as: 
Stupid Criminal- Hard to swallow - News-

Examples; Clean Search can suppress:

Public Records / Court Records / Criminal Records / / 
Arrest Records / Expunged Records
Disciplinary Actions / Patient Complaints
Bankruptcy's / DUI's  RipOffReports / BBB Complaints
Newspaper Articles / Online Media / Negative Reviews
Database Archives / BLOGS / Attack Sites

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Why Use Clean-Search?  There seems to be "reputation-firms" popping up like pop-corn.  What makes Clean-Search #1.  What to look for when determining indicators of veracity in a new and specialized industry?  Find out more...