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Relevance management for positive online reputation.

Clean-Search service is designed to broadcast to search engines like Google, that there is more relevant information associated with 'Your Name', so they (the engines) will not list the unwarranted or negative information so high up.

Regardless of the significance or validity of your issue, the general public will perceive the listings rendered under your name-search as being associated with you.

You may decide that for your future, ( the rest of your life) you do not want these records or material following your name, which they have a tendency to do.

This being the case, you need to disassociate the negative, and associate your name with positive professional listings and data (or generic data).

This is what we do. Our CleanMyName service is designed to 'break' the negative association over time, and allow whatever content / material you want to be associated with, to proliferate to the most relevant positions.   (the top!) It is helpful when building or maintaining a career not to have 'ugly' records associated with your name

We can do this for you.  Fill out the form with your specifics, and let us send you a project proposal.

        Clean Search Services

CleanSearch™ INFO
Reputation Repair; removing or suppressing undesired listings, creating productive and attractive listings in their place.  Creating desired results VIA the search engines' own algorithmic formulas. 'Broadcasting' to the search engines what information is more relevant to you today.

RemoveArrest - INFO
We remove certian arrest records where others cannot, please leave your information here.

RemoveRecord™  - INFO
RemoveRecord Remove online records, published records on internet, unwanted information, slanderous or socially cumbersome results content and material.

RemoveReview™ INFO
CleanSearch introduces RemoveReview.  RemoveReview is a third-party review enhancement system based on real algorithms that better reflect your true consumer history and satisfaction.

LinkRemoval INFO

Permanently remove listings and links displayed on Google and other search engines.

HitDetective™ INFO
Protect and guard your name with proprietary HitDetective; the instant any new publication of your name occurs on the internet we let you know, we also tell you 'who' is searching your name and in what context.

MonitorMyTeen™ INFO
Basically HitDetective for teens with parental control. Would you like to know what activity is associated to your name, child or business online? KnowDanger Activity Monitoring does just that... Introducing KnowDanger Cyber bullying Deterrent, from Clean-Search Reputation Management.

CleanRelevance™ INFO
Creat Positive Relevance (Positive Results) or SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages). Results can still lack luster. Clean-Search can liven up those related listings and turn your search results into flattering and productive listings! 

CleanSearchMarketing™ (updating).

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